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People want the 50-seat bonus for the first party in Parliament to be abolished and the President of the Republic to be directly elected by the Greek electorate.


The analysis poll was conducted over the phone on a pan-hellenic sample of 802 persons from January 29 to January 30, 2013.

92 percent of respondents believe that we are undergoing a stage of important changes, but 77 percent of them believe that these changes are negative for both the country and its citizens.

The President of the Republic should be elected directly by the Greek electorate

Moreover, 90 percent of respondents would like to change the process by which the President of the Republic is elected and believe that the president should be elected directly by the people and not by the Parliament. Furthermore, they believe that the President's role should be re-enforced, implying that a possible shift to a Presidential system of governance, rather than the current Parliamentary one. Added to that, 66 percent of respondents believe that a change in the Constitution is necessary.

A high percentage of respondents (reaching 86 percent) are also in favor of the abolition of state funding to political parties, while as regards to the electoral system of the country, the majority thinks that the 50-seat bonus to the first party elected, should be abolished.

The survey also shows that Greek society is still very much attached to “conservative” values, since the institutions people trust the most are the Police (46 percent) and the Judicial System (36 percent) of the country, while one in five respondents believe that terrorism and political assassinations have some “social and ethical excuse” behind them. The Greek Prime Minister is in third place, as concerns people's trust (23 percent).

People trust the Police, the Judicial System and the Prime Minister

Interestingly enough, the highest percentages of those who trust the Police come from New Democracy and PASOK voters (69 percent) followed by Democratic Left party voters (62 percent).

People seem however to have little trust in political parties (7 percent) and to the Greek Parliament as an institution (11 percent).

The majority of those that participated in this survey say that they do not relate to the party they vote for. 57 percent responded that, regardless of which party they vote for, “there is no party they feel that represents them as they would like to”. The voters that relate to their party, are those of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party (65 percent) and KKE Communist Party (62 percent), followed by left-wing SYRIZA party (55 percent).

Moreover, 63 percent of respondents believe that “corruption in politics” is higher than “social corruption”, while 35 percent would place political and social corruption at the same level.


Greece at the bottom of European Union

More than half of the respondents believe that Greece is “at the bottom” of the European ladder. They believe that Europe has begun to lose its “lust” and authority and that it should undergo a “restructuring” into becoming a Federal Union, with an emphasis in enforcing its political role. In that context, 90 percent of respondents believe that the President of the EU should be directly elected by the European electorate and not approved by the European Parliament.

Finally, 51 percent of respondents believe that entrepreneurship in Greece has a positive effect in Greek society, while 62 percent of them would like the private sector to have a more active presence in the Greek economy. 35 percent of them would like the public sector to play a more active role in the Economy.

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