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Amphipolis dig: New photos reveal towering height of Caryatids

Amphipolis dig: New photos show height of Caryatids

New photographs released by the Ministry of Culture shower that the Caryatids are on plinths and tower more than 3.5 meters as they 'guard' the third chamber.

Pavlos Zafiropoulos

Each caryatid is standing on a plinth that is 1.4 meters in height. Each figure is larger than life at over two meters and in total the entire statues reach a height of 3.67 meters. The floor of the second tomb is raised by seven centimeters compared to that of the first and appears to have traces of blue paint.

According to reports the dig team has also succeeded in removing most of the dirt to a depth of 1.5 meters behind the Caryatids, revealing that the walls of the third chamber are continuous with those of the two preceding chambers.

Work to install vertical supports in the first chamber has been completed. Horizontal supports have also been placed in the second chamber to allow the removal of dirt to continue without risk to the tomb’s structural integrity. At the same time dirt has begun to be removed entrance of the third chamber, allowing work to support the ceiling of the third chamber to begin.

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