"Dogtooth" second best film of the decade so far

"Dogtooth" second best film of the decade so far

The editors of movie site Indiewire decided to make a list of the 50 best films of the 2010s, haldway through the decade, placing Greek film "Dogtooth" at Number 2.


"Five years have passed since the 2010s began, we’re all sixty months (or sixty two?) older, and literally thousands of movies have hit theaters in that time", Indiewire writes.

"So what better time to take stock of the decade thus far? Box-office returns might have been dominated by superheroes, ice princesses and dystopian teen-on-teen murder, but once you look outside the multiplex (or even, very occasionally, within it), it’s clear that cinema is as healthy as it’s ever been, with everyone from A-list auteurs to foreign-language first-timers delivering stunning, boundary-pushing work".

The Top-50 includes mostly independent American and European films and at number 2, we find George Lanthimos' "Dogtooth", an experimental film about a dysfunctional Greek family in the 1970s. The film, celebrated in various international film festivals as one of the most original cinematic experiences of 2010, was also nominated for a foreign language film Oscar the following year. Here's how the site explains its choice.

"Sometimes it can feel like there’s nothing new under the sun. Everything is just a different combination of old elements, at best a new skein made up of strands of old rope. But then it’s 2010 and you go see Yorgos Lanthimos’ "Dogtooth" and you get the feeling that while it’s literally impossible, physics-wise, you’ve just experienced something unprecedented, like you’ve discovered the universe has a back door and there’s a nice porch out there.

Utterly original, deadpan, worrisome, dreamy, and totally inexplicable, "Dogtooth"’s skewering of the myth of the perfect family has in the years since become the Prime Mover for a lot of homagistic filmmaking, as well as having catalyzed the thriving force of the "Greek Weird Wave." But it is still just itself, shimmery and strange, a black comedy washed in crisp whites, framed with specific perversity by DP Thimios Bakatakis, and essentially a series of peculiar paradoxes: it’s familiar and peculiar; funny and scary; insane, wild, and completely controlled. It is a new thing".

Source: Indiewire

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