Head of Amphipolis dig briefs SYRIZA on excavations

Head of Amphipolis dig briefs SYRIZA on excavations

A SYRIZA delegation headed by the party's MP, responsible for culture issues, Anna Hatzisofia, visited the archaeological excavation at Ancient Amphipolis.

Theo Ioannou

The SYRIZA delegation was received by the head archaeologist of the dig Katerina Peristeri, who stressed that the monument being uncovered was a unique tomb, not just for Greece but for the entire Balkan peninsula, and described it as being of "global interest".

Peristeri briefed the delegation on the progress of the excavation to date, while Hatzisofia noted that "the State must promote this excavation as much as possible. We declare that we will support their work".

In statements, the head of the excavation at Kasta Hill confirmed that both the tomb's forecourt and the tomb itself were the work of the ancient architect Deinokratis and dated to 325-300 BC but she denied reports of three graves concealed behind the entrance, dismissing them as speculation.

Peristeri said the heads of the two sphinxes uncovered at the site have not been found yet, explaining that "the heads were inserted and it is therefore most probable that they are further back".

Regarding the finds up to this point, Peristeri noted these included steps, the floor and the sealing wall, which she said was very solid. "We must remove it very carefully and slowly in order to uncover the whole facade. The sphinxes are visible because some stones were removed in the Roman era but they could not get any further with such a sealing wall".

She also estimated that "it is very difficult for such a grave to have been desecrated", while noting that great care was needed. "We are like surgeons. We proceed very slowly. The excavation will show us what lies behind the wall," Peristeri added.

Source: AMNA

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