Ilias Papadimitrakopoulos: “Chekhov of Greece”

Ilias Papadimitrakopoulos: “Chekhov of Greece”

Ilias Papadimitrakopoulos, born in Pyrgos in the Peloponnese, does not like being on the spotlight, but is an exceptional writer, often called "Our Chekhov"

Athena Korlira

I am not a fiction writer. Although I do not always write my autobiography, I cannot write something that does not affect me”, said in an interview with “Yfos” magazine about a year ago.

He has written more than 50 books so far. Megaron Plus recently presented his works and hosted an open discussion with the writer. After forty years from the publication of his first book, Ilias Papadimitrakopoulos has made Greek literature richer with his novels.

He has made Greek literature richer with his novels

Ilias Dimitrakopoulos was born in Ilia in 1930. After completing his school years there, he studied medicine at the Military Medical School of the University of Thessaloniki. He specialized in pathology and became a doctor in 1955. He resigned three years later, in 1958, and decided to move to the northern city of Kavala, where he lived until 1968. From then on he began his writing career and founded a literature magazine, “Argo”.

He may not have served medicine for long, but he definitely served literature with great passion.

After he received his pension, he decided to move to the island of Paros, in the Cyclades, where he lives with his wife and his 70 cats!

He loves gardening and living a simple life. His most famous novels include “Toothpaste with Clorophyll”, “The thesaurus of Nightingales”, “Places four” and many others.

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