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Morrissey's concert in Athens postponed, not because of his failing health

Morrissey's concert in Athens postponed

His cancer treatments were revealed two months ago, but hugely influential pop star Morrissey had to postpone his Athens appearence tonight due to a delayed flight.

Theo Ioannou

The news came amidst speculation that his deteriorating health was the reason for the postponement, but it appears none of that is true. Morrissey missed the last leg of his flight from London to Athens due to a delay of the first leg from Dublin. Therefore tonight's Athens concert has been postponed with a new date to be announced soon. Already purchased tickets will naturally be valid for the new date.

He has been probably the most influential musician from the '80s generation. His four year stint with The Smiths earned him praises from both the music press and music fans. His solo career in the early '90s transformed him into a hugely successful star for the Gen-Xers and an icon for pop fans in Greece.

He has appeared numerous times in front of the Athenian crowd and his last appearance two years ago in the Lycabettus theater is still vivd in the memories of his fans. At the age of 55, Morrissey has a new album out and was about to play live in the Taek-Won-Do stadium tonight.

Not that everything has been ideal for him lately. Last October it was revealed that he was suffering from cancer and has been in treatment ever since. Forthcoming as always, Morrissey said that canccer tissue has been removed from his body four times already.

His condition is reportedly serious. So much so, that doctors have allegedly asked him to cut his world tour short. But he won't have it. Last week in London's O2 Arena, while performing The Smiths' "Asleep" as an encore, he told his audience: "Remember my face, forget my fate".

"I'm aware that recent photos reveal a less than healthy image of me, but I don't care - I'm not afraid of death", he told reporters recently and, replicating a classic motto from numerous films and songs added, "I'll sleep when I'm dead".

His new album carries a typically provocative title: "World Peace Is Non Of Your Business". He has been promoting it for the past couple of months and will be presenting it for his Athens audience, along with many of his big hits from the past 25 years.

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