Greece among most anti-American countries

Greece among most anti-American countries

Since the military dictatorship was established in Greece more than 40 years ago, Greece has been tradditionally anti-American. The Pew Center research confirms it.

Theo Ioannou

Between 1967 and 1974, a military dictatorship was in power in Greece. Though it was established by low level military officers, the general consensus was that the Johnson and Nixon administrations were behind the coup and offered the seven year regime a lot of support.

Since the re-establishment of democracy, the Polytechnic school rise celebrations (the most high profile resistance move against the junta regime in 1973), is culminated by a march to the American embassy.

It's no secret that in the last 45 years, Greeks have harbored resentment against American policies and that is reflected in a global research by the Pew Research Center, which puts Greece in the Top - 10 anti-American countries in the world.

The survey was conducted among 44,000 people from 44 countries worldwide. Greece was placed in the 6th place with 63% of its population disliking the United States of America. The most anti-American people, according to the survey, are the Egyptians and Jordanians with 85%, followed by Turkey with 73%, Russia with 71% and the Palestinian Territories with 66%.

Following Greece is Pakistan in 7th place with 59%, followed by Lebanon with 57%, and Tunisia and Germany with 47%.

The list of countries with the most favorable view of the USA is the Philippines with 92%, followed by Israel with 84%, South Korea with 82%, Kenya and El Salvador with 80%, Italy with 78%, Ghana with 77%, Vietnam and Bangladesh with 76%, Tanzania and France with 75%.

Interestingly enough, the traditionally anti-American Greek people appear to have a borderline obsession with American culture, including music, movies and TV shows. It is indicative that most American TV shows are remade in Greek TV, concerts by American artists are sold out, Greeks speak pretty good English and more than 90% of Greek magazines have English titles. For a country so deeply anti-American, this obsession with all things American is quite remarkable.

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