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Ancient path vandalized on Naxos

Ancient path vandalized on Naxos

The local community of Naxos is shocked after the arbitrary violation of the sacred path of Za dating from ancient Greece that attracts tourists every year from all over the world.

Euthimis Tsiliopoulos

The path which takes 3.5 hours to hike was worked out thousands of years ago by the inhabitants of Naxos in order to reach the top of the sacred mountain of the ancient Axots, Za which was dedicated to the god Zeus.

The trail starts from Filoti, passing the church of Agia Marina Danakou, where in ancient times stood a sacred temple of Zeus and ends at the top of Mount Za, the highest mountain in the Cyclades with a height of 1003 meters.

This route has been preserved from antiquity and in the 19th Century it was revamped, while thousands of tourists and hiking clubs from abroad have visited the island every year to walk the ancient path.

However in early May an individual with a bulldozer destroyed much of the trail about 600 meters, in order to facilitate access to his fields.

The incident triggered strong reactions from the local community and foreign clubs, while the Naxos Environmental Movement blames police and the Forest Service for negligence, which must intervene because the bulldozer destroyed ancient trees.

The event was condemned by the municipality of Naxos and Small Cyclades and in the coming days will begin rehabilitation projects the costs of which, as noted, will be borne by the scrupleless trespasser.

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