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Four tanker crew members detained

Four tanker crew members detained

Four crew members of the tanker “Noor One”, that was used to smuggle the mammoth heroin shipments of over two tonnes into the country seized by the Greek authorities, were detained.

Theo Ioannou

The four suspects were remanded in custody following a unanimous decision by the prosecutor and the examining magistrate assigned with the case. The suspects, all from India, denied any involvement in the case but were unable to convince the investigating authorities.

Two of the 6 crew members could not testify due to lack of time and will be led before the examining magistrate again on Wednesday.

A 47-year-old Iranian national, the only one of the suspects who voluntarily asked to testify to the authorities soon after the case was brought to light, will testify on Wednesday after asking for more time in order to be represented by an attorney.

Another suspect, a 32-year-old Greek national, and the 42-year-old Indian captain of the tanker will both testify on Thursday.

All are facing criminal organization charges, drug possession and trafficking. A separate case file concerns illegal fuel trade charges filed against certain of the defendants after the discovery on board the tanker of 18 tonnes of fuel that lacked documents.

Source, Photos: AMNA

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