Half of French citizens want Greece out of the eurozone

Half of French citizens want Greece out of the eurozone

One in two French want Greece to leave the eurozone, according to a survey by pollster Odoxa published by Le Parisien French news daily.


The 50% score was up about from the 39% who said they backed 'Grexit' in a similar survey a month ago, hinting at a growing frustration with Athens even in France, whose political leaders have been among its supporters.

The latest poll was conducted on Monday, a day after Greek voters delivered a clear 'No' to the latest cash-for-reform offer by Greece's creditors.

No fewer than 75% of those surveyed dismissed the proposition that "austerity policies are the only way out of the economic crisis for Europe", while a small majority (55%) were in favor of restructuring Greek debt.

Despite calls by France's far-right National Front this week for a dissolution of the eurozone, French public support for the single currency was holding up, with 67% opposed to abandoning the euro to return to the French franc.

The Odoxa poll of 1,003 people was carried out by Internet.

Source: Reuters

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