Police officers overwhelmingly vote for Golden Dawn

Policemen overwhelmingly vote for Golden Dawn

A total of 2,738 police officers voted in 18 polling stations near the central police HQ on Alexandra Avenue, with over 50% of them voting for the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party.

Theo Ioannou

It's an ongoing debate, one rather essential for the future of Greek democracy. The relations between police officers and Golden Dawn have been the focus of various analysis over the last decade.

Since the youth "uprising" in December 2008, when rioters from all over turned Athens to ruble, there has been information that GD paramilitary squads have been operating under the protection of Greek police forces.

Speculation about a "special relationship" between the two rose even more during the Greek "indignados" rallies in the spring of 2011, when GD members clashed with extreme left wing and anarchist forces in downtown Athens. There was a lot of talk about blackshirted "brigades" fighting side by side with police special forces against the leftwingers at the time.

Cut to last Sunday's elections and despite assurances that investigations are under way to eliminate Golden Dawn enclaves within the police force, in light of the criminal investigation that was prompted after the murder of musician Pavlos Fyssas, it appears that over 50% of police officers voted for the neo-Nazi party in Sunday's elections, increasing the party's influence since the 2012 elections.

According to the police's special electoral catalogs, a total of 2,738 police officers voted in 18 polling stations near the central police HQ on Alexandra Avenue.

In each of these polling stations about 150 - 200 police officers voted, from a total of 400-480 registered voters. The neo-Nazi party received between 16.32% and 22.32% in these polling stations, when the average for the district of Athens is 7.81%.

The results from polling stations where commanding officers voted showed Golden Dawn received about 13-15% of the vote.

Political analysts argued that with 30-40% of voters being police officers in polling stations where the neo-Nazi increased its influence, it is clear that support for Golden Dawn has not waned.

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