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"Schedia" magazine goes to Thessaloniki

"Schedia" magazine goes to Thessaloniki

“Schedia” is a monthly independent magazine that is sold on the streets of Athens offering the homeless, unemployed, and those living below the threshold of poverty an opportunity to decentl

Athena Korlira

“Schedia”, which first circulated about a year ago in Athens, after great success moves to the northern port city of Thessaloniki. “Schedia” will be sold in the streets of Thessaloniki as of today and every last Wednesday of each month.

This magazine gives the homeless and the unemployed an opportunity to earn an income as well as an additional motive to restore their lives. Of the magazine's cover price, which is 3 euros, 50% is directly received by the vendor. This means that each vendor receives 1.5 euros per magazine sold. As is the case with all street magazines around the world, schedia is sold exclusively by accredited vendors at central points in the city. They wear red vests and have a special ID card, so that anyone who buys the magazine knows that his money goes to this good cause.

Up until today, “Schedia” has 160 vendors in Athens alone. They are homeless or unemployed of various ages (from 20 to 70 years old), with 30 percent being women. Recruitment in Thessaloniki has began. All those interested will have to drop by the “Schedia” offices, located at 24, Fragon street. Vendors have the obligation to give a receipt for each magazine to the buyer, to be dressed with the red vest to be easily recognizable and to have his ID card with him at all times.

photo: eurokinissi/ Georgia Panagopoulou

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