Smoking in gradual decline, yet still high

Smoking in gradual decline, yet still high

According to the study "World Cigarettes Greece", the country, although still among the highest smoking countries in the EU, shows a gradual decline in its patterns.

Theo Ioannou

Greece was one of the fastest growing cigarette markets in the 1990s and the early 2000s. However, it has now suffered its eighth successive decline in annual sales to 20.15 billion pieces.

Rising taxes/prices, the economic situation, the growth in non-duty paid sales and cigarette tobacco have all played their part. Per capita consumption remains high by European standards at 1,764 pieces although this is down from a peak of 3,146 pieces in 2004.

Smoking prevalence remains high although it is in gradual decline overall and among men although it is growing among women and now stands at 30% reveals new market study, "World Cigarettes Greece"

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