US President Obama calls the PM to offer support in ending austerity

US President Obama calls the PM to offer support

Barrack Obama telephoned PM Alexis Tsipras to congratulate him and tell him that the US will support the Greek government's efforts to end austerity policies.


Alexis Tsipras found an unlikely ally in the face of US president Barack Obama, a steadfast adversary of European austerity policies as a means of combating the world economic crisis, who called the young PM, according to government sources.

Obama told Tsipras that this support will also be expressed in action, through cooperation between the U.S. Treasury and the Greek finance ministry.

The U.S. President noted that Europe must break free of austerity policies, as the U.S. had done, and adopt a strong agenda for growth.

He advised Tsipras to get some rest now that the election campaign was over, saying that he would need his strength for what lay ahead, with Tsipras replying that "this is difficult, due to the circumstances". Obama expressed his certainty that he will also manage to get some rest and told Tsipras: "I started young as well, and now my hair has turned grey".

Source: AMNA

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