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Nikos Romanos’s statement following hunger strike

Nikos Romanos releases statement

An English translation of the full statement released by Nikos Romanos following the conclusion of his 31 day hunger strike.


Nikos Romanos has released a short statement regarding the successful conclusion to his hunger strike.

The full statement is below (translation by TheTOC).

Because Victory concerns all of us

After 31 days of a hard and unyielding fight I am stopping the hunger strike having achieved an important victory.

The amendment that was passed in parliament with me as the sole target had major differences from that initially announced by the Ministry of Justice, granting, in the end my request, even if that entails me ‘wearing a bracelet’.

The only certain thing is that this victory was the result of the political pressure which we exerted and for that the people of the fight and Combative Anarchy indisputably are morally, politically and practically the big victors.

The polymorphous revolutionary struggle and we as political prisoners emerge stronger from the fight.

I raise my fist sending the warmest greetings and unlimited love to all those comrades who stood by me WITH ALL MEANS!



PS: A detailed text will follow in the coming days

PPS: I would like to also thank all of the doctors of the hospital who refused to submit to the prosecutors' pressures to force-feed me and for supporting me as much as they could.

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