Alexis Tsipras for President

Alexis Tsipras for President

A total of 180 famous Greeks and dozens of celebrities from abroad expressing their support for the nomination of Alexis Tsipra for the presidency of the European Commission.

Ioanna Papadimitropoulou

A total of 180 famous Greeks and dozens of celebrities from abroad are expressing their support by signing for the nomination of Alexis Tsipras for the Presidency of the European Commission.

Scholars, academics, artists, highlight the text signed that "we need a big peaceful, democratic revolution at a European level, which will redefine the objectives of the European Union." They add that a victory of the left in the elections that will strengthen their struggle to overthrow European austerity policy and strengthen the forces that resist the division of Europe into clearly separated socioeconomic areas .
" For all these reasons, they support the nomination of Alexis Tsipras for the post of President of the European Commission".

Among the supporters that signed the document are also Ross Daily, Irish composer , Tussen Eric, Belgian Professor of Political Science University of Paris VIII, Kyriacos Athanasiou, Professor of Biology, Vassilis Alexakis, writer, Alkinoos Ioannidis, performer, Nikos Apeiranthitis, screenwriter, Babis Venetopoulos, artist, Ersi Venetsanou, sculptor Yannis Varoufakis, economist, Kostas Vergopoulos, Professor of Political Economy University of Paris VIII, Alexandra Deligiorgi , Emeritus Professor of Philosophy, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki Konstantina Demiris, Associate Professor NTUA, Angelica Dimitrakopoulou, Professor – vicerector University of Aegean, Giorgos Divaris, Assoc.Prof. Faculty of Fine Arts AUTH International Organisation Against Nuclear (IPPNW) Kyrkos Doxiadis, Professor of Social Theory and Sociology, Kostas Douzinas, Professor of Law at the University of London, Vasilis Droukopoulos, economist - Professor Emeritus , University of Athens, Dimitris Thodoropoulos, Associate Professor, Faculty of Fine Arts AUTH, Zoe Kaitatzi Wisdom - Whitlock , Professor AUTH, Nickolas Cornelius ,director, Kotzias Nikos, Professor of Political Theory Univ . Piraeus, Konstantinos Tsoukalas, Professor of Sociology, Harvalias George, Professor of Fine Arts, Ersi Hadjiargyrou, sculptor, Giorgos Chatzikonstantinou, Professor, Democritus Univ .Thrace, Dimitris Psillos , Professor School of Education AUTH

Their support for the nomination of Alexis Tsipras was also expressed by foreign intellectuals, who emphasize that a hundred years after the beginning of the First World War and nearly seventy by the end of the Second World War, Europe is at a crossroads .

Alexis Tsipras for President
Slavoj Zizek

The signatories state that " if the current neo-liberal and authoritarian policies are not reversed , Europe and the world awaits destruction : a further decline of democracy , increasing poverty and inequality , environmental destruction , inexorable rise of the far right and fascist forces that find breeding ground of despair , unemployment and poverty rise . "

The nomination of Alexis Tsipras, president of SYRIZA , i.e. the party of the Greek radical left for the presidency of the European Commission has powerful symbolism refers to the text and noted :

Alexis Tsipras for President - εικόνα 2
Etienne Balibar

"Greece has become the guinea pig in huge neo-liberal laboratory, which has led to a humanitarian crisis unquestioned . The nomination Tsipras behalf of the European Left Party offers a glimmer of hope that neo-liberalism and authoritarianism and can be stopped and reversed . "

Foreign intellectuals include:
Etienne Balibar, Professor of French & Italian and Comparative Literature at the Univerity of California,Irvine.

Slavoj Zizek, Philosopher Theorist Critical Theory , Professor at University of Ljubljana

Judith Butler, philosopher, theorist on gender issues, Professor of Philosophy at the University of California Berkeley

Leo Panitch, Professor - Researcher of Political Science at York University in Toronto , Editor of the journal Social Register

Alexis Tsipras for President - εικόνα 3
Leo Panitch

Wendy Brown, Theoretical Economics and Political Science , Professor of Political Science at University of California Berkeley

Chantal Mouffe, feminist theorists Philosopher , Professor of Political Theory , University of Westminister in London

Alexis Tsipras for President - εικόνα 4
Chantal Mouffe

Drucilla Cornell, feminist theorists Philosopher , Professor of Political Theory and Gender Studies , University of Rutgers, in New Jersey

Joanna Bourke, Historian, Professor of History at Birkbeck, University of London

Athena Athanasiou, sociologist and theorist on gender issues, associate professor in the Department of Social Anthropology , Panteion University

Costas Douzinas, Philosopher , Professor of Law and Director of the Institute of Humanities at Birkbeck, University of London

Lynne Segal, feminist theorists Philosopher , Professor of Psychology and Gender Studies at Birkbeck University of London

Hilary Wainwright, Sociologist , editor of Red Pepper magazine in Great Britain

Jacqueline Rose, the Feminist Theoretical Linguistics , Professor of English at University Queen Mary, London

Doreen Massey, Marxist theoretician of Geography , Professor of Geography at the University of Open, London

Sandro Mezzadra, Theorist , Professor of Political Theory at the University of Bologna

Alexis Tsipras for President - εικόνα 5
Sandro Mezzadra

Adolphe Reed, American Political Theorist , Professor of Political Science at the University of Pennsylvania

Jodi Dean, American journalist and author

Bruce Robbins, Professor of Literary and Cultural Theory , University of Columbia, New York

Alexis Tsipras for President - εικόνα 6
Frances Fox Piven

Doug Henwood, American journalist , editor of Left Business Observer

Johann Kresnik, Choreographer, Director , Leading German " choreographic theater "

Martijn Konings, Professor of Political Economy at University of Sydney

Alexis Tsipras for President - εικόνα 7
Enzo Traverso

Frances Fox Piven, Professor of Political Science and Sociology , University City, NY

Enzo Traverso, Historian, Professor at the University of Cornell, New York

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