Government spokesperson fuels SYRIZA – ND clash with warning over bank run

Gov't spokesperson warns of SYRIZA bank run

Sofia Voultepsi has further raised tensions between the government and the opposition party by claiming that ATMs could run dry under an Alexis Tsipras government.

Pavlos Zafiropoulos

With the rancor between the coalition government and opposition party SYRIZA increasing seemingly by the hour, the government spokesperson today added further fuel to the fire, warning that the country’s ATM machines could quickly run dry under a SYRIZA government.

Her controversial statements come only a day after the leaderships of the parties exchanged harsh words following an allegation by SYRIZA spokesperson, Panos Skourletis, yesterday that a fund was being set up by influential businessmen in order to buy the parliamentary votes required by the government to ensure the election of a new president in March and stave off the prospect of early general elections.

In response to the allegations the country’s head prosecutor announced a preliminary judicial investigation into the claims. They also provoked the immediate reaction of the Prime Minister who called on SYRIZA to immediately back up the claims or it would be revealed that the party is, “a destabilizing factor and on the subversive side instigating a perversion of the political process in these critical moments.”

Now Ms Voultepsi has added further fuel to the increasingly sour public debate between the two parties. Speaking this morning on the radio station Parapolitika 90.1, she said that in the event that Alexis Tsipras, as Prime Minister proceeded with, “heroics in Europe, it won’t be long before the ATMs shut down in Greece, as they did in Cyprus.”

The comments are reminiscent of those recently made by the New Democracy parliamentary spokesperson, Adonis Georgiadis, when he stated that if SYRIZA came to power he would withdraw his money from the bank. Those comments were angrily condemned by the opposition party as scare tactics. Mr Georgiadis later toned down his rhetoric although stood by the overall sentiment.

Ms Voultepsi also used her radio interview to further criticize SYRIZA over Skourletis's accusation that a fund was being set up to bribe MPs. She said that there had been a ‘show of wretchedness’ and that the ‘independent’ judiciary would prove it.

“SYRIZA curses all day, it is a sewer and a foul stench,” she said characteristically.

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