Hollande to Tsipras: Austerity as only choice is no longer accepted

Hollande: austerity alone is no longer accepted

Hollande gave measured support to the view that Europe must move away from austerity as the 'only choice' but stressed that Greece must uphold its commitments.


The French president Francois Hollande said that the result of the recent Greek vote must be respected and that it had shown that "austerity as the only option" was no longer acceptable in remarks made following his meeting with the Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras.

The statement is being seen as measured French support for the Greek push to move away from austerity.

However at the same time Mr Hollande stressed the need for European rules to respected by all, and for Greece to keep to its international commitments. He added that France would show Greece solidarity.

‘Our aim is that the agreement, in every way in the medium and long term, establish an economic framework compatible between Greece and France,” Hollande said.

“The method is dialogue with the new prime minister of Greece, which wants to remain in the Eurozone and is committed to greater cohesion within the Eurozone,” the French president added.

Finally Hollande said that France would assist Greece in its reform efforts with know-how.

Tsipras: There are no landlords and tenants in the Eurozone

The Greek prime minister spoke of his happiness to be visiting France, underlining the country’s contribution to stability in Europe.

He stated that poor economic policies that had been followed in Europe demanded a correction, stressing the need for Europe to turn towards growth oriented policies and a new deal for Europe.

“My country turned the page. We have a specific and viable plan. We are not a threat to Europe. We respect the rules but also the equality between member states. There are no landlords and renters,” the Greek prime minister said of the union.

“We submitted a realistic proposal during the contacts which we had with European officials as well as proposals over the debt,” Tsipras said, adding that the proposals had been received with ‘open ears’.

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