Kasidiaris appears before committee in shorts and swastika tattoo

Kasidiaris (and his swastika) appear before committee

The imprisoned Golden Dawn official’s appearance is less than professional during his appearance before the parliament's Ethics Committee.

Pavlos Zafiropoulos

Members of the Parliamentary Ethics Committee were somewhat shocked today when Ilias Kasidiaris appeared before them today dressed as if his was auditioning for a remake of American History X.

The Golden Dawn spokesperson Ilias Kasidiaris showed up for his meeting with the committee dressed in shorts and a sleeveless shirt which exposed the swastika tattoo he has on one of his arms.

The Golden Dawn spokesperson explained his ‘prison casual’ dress by saying that the meeting was not part of ordinary parliamentary procedure. As such he had opted for more typical prison garb.

Kasidiaris is currently in prison pending the trial of the leadership of Golden Dawn on charges of operating a criminal organization.

Members of the parliamentary committee now visited Kasidiaris in Korydallos jail to question him over the video that he had allegedly secretly taped of a private conversation between him and Takis Baltakos, the then government General Secretary and close aide to Prime Minister Antonis Samaras. Baltakos was forced to resign after the video was leaked depicting him confiding in Kasidiaris, speaking in familiar terms and implying improper political interference in the crack-down on Golden Dawn.

The Ethics Committee is considering a request from prosecutors for Kasidiaris’s parliamentary immunity to be lifted over the issue in order for the Golden Dawn deputy to also be tried on charges of making illegal secret recordings.

According to sources, Ilias Kasidiaris aggressively reiterated Golden Dawn’s position which is that the prosecutions against the party’s leadership are politically motivated and therefore illegal.

However the members of the committee – with the exception of the Golden Dawn representative – all voted in favor of recommending to parliament that Ilias Kasidiaris’s parliamentary immunity be suspended over the issue.

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