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New survey gives SYRIZA a 3.4% lead over New Democracy

New survey gives SYRIZA a 3.4% lead over New Democracy

Opposition SYRIZA party has a 3.4% lead over ruling coalition party New Democracy, according to an opinion poll conducted by ALCO for To Pontiki newspaper.


Of the participants in the survey, 31.2% said they intend to vote for SYRIZA and 27.8% for ND. In the last ALCO poll, SYRIZA again had 31.2% and ND 28%.

Third placed was The River centrist party with 5.1%, followed by neo-Nazi Golden Dawn with 5%, the Communist Party with 4%, socialist PASOK with 3.6%, Indepedent Greeks with 2.6% and Movement of Democratic Socialists (George Papandreou's party) with 2.4%. '

Other party' was selected by 4.1% of those taking the survey, while 1.5% said they would cast a blank ballot, 2.4% said they will abstain and 10.3% were undecided.

Extrapolating the percentages by discounting invalid votes and abstention, SYRIZA would receive 32.4% of the vote, ND 28.9%, The River 5.3%, GD 5.2%, Communist Party 4.2%, PASOK 3.7%, Independent Greeks 2.7% and the Movement of Democratic Socialists 2.5%.

A further 4.3% of the vote would go to other parties and the percentage of undecided voters rises to 10.6%. The survey was conducted nationwide from January 11-13.

Source: AMNA

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