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Papandreou party name revealed as ‘Democratic Socialist Movement’

Papandreou reveals name and emblem of party

The new party will be known as the Democratic Socialist Movement according to its founding document, signed by 252 people.


George Papandreou’s new party will be known as the ‘Movement of Democratic Socialists’ (Kinima Dimokraton Sosialiston) according to its founding charter submitted a short while ago to the Supreme Court. The document bears the signature of 252 people, including Nikos Papandreou, the former prime minister’s brother.

The emblem of the new party will be a rose on a red background.

George Papandreou will officially present his new party at an event at 5.30 pm.

The website and Facebook page of the party have also gone live. As of writing the latter has received almost 2,000 likes in the space of a few hours.

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