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Trilateral cooperation may help shape Mediterranean energy map

Greece, Egypt to expedite delineation of EEZ boundaries

Trilateral Cyprus-Egypt-Greece summit lays groundwork for energy, shipping cooperation, as Tsipras, Al-Sisi agree to speed up delineation of exclusive sea zones.

George Gilson

Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said that the cooperation between Greece, Egypt and Cyprus is a regional anchor of stability that will help shape the regional energy map, directed against no other country, and that Greece and Egypt will step up efforts to delineate their Exclusive Economic Zones.

After trilateral talks with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi and Cypriot President Nikos Anastasiadis in Athens, Tsipras said the talks reviewed regional energy developments, topped by the recent discovery of Egypt’s huge Zohr hydrocarbon deposits, as well as the further development of Cyprus’ EEZ blocs and the prospect of future pipelines passing through Greece.

Strategically, there was agreement that Greece and Egypt will step up and intensify efforts to agree on the delineation of their EEZs, with full respect for international law. Cyprus and Egypt have already delineated their EEZ boundaries, despite Turkish objections.

The three leaders agreed to establish a standing committee that will coordinate various levels of inter-state cooperation between the three countries’ foreign ministries.

They also agreed to a joint committee that will review and advance cooperation in shipping and the linking of their ports.

Agreeing to yet another trilateral summit next year, Al-Sisi said that by then various joint initiatives will in progress, with projects in Egypt, and then Cyprus and Greece.

Al-Sisi said the trilateral summit signals the three nations’ unswerving commitment to strategic cooperation in a variety of areas.

Anastasiadis, who also underlined the trilateral cooperation is directed against no country, noted that Greece and Cyprus will effectively communicate Egyptian concerns in EU organs.

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