Yanis Varoufakis: The most despised man in Eurogroup

Yanis Varoufakis: The most despised man in Eurogroup

His unconventional & professorial style has earned him admirers in the European public opinion, but Yanis Varoufakis is literally dispised by his Fin Min peers.


He has reportedly been slammed as ''conceited'', ''arrogant'', someone who tries to ''lecture'' his colleagues from the Eurogroup, all of whom are far more experienced than him: the relationship between Yanis Varoufakis and his 18 counterparts from the euro zone, difficult from the start, allegedly reached the end of the line in the Riga Eurogroup meeting on Friday.

The patience of ministers, which was wearing thin at previous meetings, has ended and the self-controlled environment of the Eurogroup reportedly turned into a ring where the Greek minister, alone against everybody, was knocked down. ''High frustration was the predominant mood'' of the meeting today since the beginning, according to sources.

Ministers thought they could wrap up a deal by the end of April and were instead confronted with the umpteenth postponement. But the deed was done when Varoufakis spoke for over 15 minutes, much more than the average address, allegedly lecturing once more his counterparts. A source in the room complained that he doesn't speak but gives ''proper lectures''.

His latest explanation of the Greek situation prompted a few participants to react, sources said. One minister reportedly said ''we are tired'', while another reportedly used the word ''annoyed'' until a few allegedly verbally attacked him.

''Time-waster'', ''gambler'' and ''amateur'' were reportedly the harshest terms used against him in the usually self-controlled context of the Eurogroup.

There was such lack of confidence that the Eurogroup communicated the outcome of the meeting directly to Prime Minister Tsipras, bypassing Varoufakis, to ''ensure the message was correctly conveyed''.

The sources said Tsipras is regarded by Europe as ''much more open and available'' to negotiate than Varoufakis who instead remains ''very firm on his ideas''.

Such behavior has unnerved fellow negotiators since the start and progressively cooled the willingness of ministers, until relations froze today, bordering on true hostility, according to some.

Eurogroup technicians are reportedly not hiding the fact that they prefer Deputy Premier Yannis Dragakis to Varoufakis as he is said to have a more complaisant nature.

Source: ANSA

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