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The farthest view of the universe

Anthill in the void

In the limited time we spend as carbon based life forms on this pebble hurtling through space we may begin to lose perspective of what and ehere we really are.

Euthimis Tsiliopoulos

During your day-to-day life, you can get pretty wrapped up in yourself. You can forget to feed your cats or neglect to call your mother on her birthday. We think our lives are just about us. Well when you read through the images above... you'll either think you're totally insignificant, or it'll reaffirm your belief that our existence is really that special.

The images that are put together based on the data received by the Hubble telescope, may make you start to feel incredibly humble and quite insignificant when you realise the scale of our known universe.

Of course we are discovering more each day. Just look at he most recent composite image of deep space (i.e. extreme deep space), as Hubble goes to the extreme to assemble the farthest ever view of the universe

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