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Exquisite new discovery at the Amphipolis burial monument reveals caryatids

Two caryatids found at Amphipolis

Two caryatids of exquisite beauty have been found at the Amphipolis burial monument, leading experts to believe it is the grave of someone high up in the hierarchy.

Anna Zarifi

According to the latest announcement by the Ministry of Culture two caryatids have been unearthed at the dig in the ancient burial monument at Amphipolis, Northern Greece.

They are located under the marble architrave between marble pillars and are made of Thassos marble. The face of one of the sculptures survives almost intact, while the other one is missing. They are portrayed with curls of hair that cover their shoulders. Their arms are positioned as if they are forbidding the entrance to the tomb. Traces of blue and red paint can be seen on the marble decoration.

The right arm of the western caryatid and the left arm of the eastern one are both outstretched, as if to symbolically stop anyone attempting to enter the grave.

In front of the Caryatids, there is a second sealing stone wall, 4.5 meters wide, following the technique of the entrance wall of the grave. It is a second attempt on behalf of the manufacturer, to stop anyone attempting to enter the grave.

The two Caryatids were built by marble from Thasos with exceptional art and were discovered on Saturday in the Amphipolis excavation site. According to specialists, this finding is of enormous importance, as it points out that the person buried in the grave is probably someone high up in the Macedonian hierarchy.

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